Professional Timer Couple over the backboard

Technical Features 

  • Dimensions: 70 x 67 x 12 cm Black anodized aluminum frame
  • Screen: Shock-protecting, silkscreened polycarbonate
  • Countdown: Height 30cm, Red
  • Cronometro tempo: Height 15cm, Amber
  • End shot clock: Spot 8cm Red
  • Horn: Integrated
  • Viewing angle: 150°
  • Readability: 120 mt
  • Power supply: 12V with external 220V(110V) power supply
  • Communication: Wired (20+40 mt cables included) or wireless 868 MHz
  • Environment: Indoor Use
  • Remote Control Unit: Console ADV020, coupled to ADV060-ADV070

Technical Features

External Console ADV020

14/24” Shot clock External Console working with Console ADV060 and ADV070