Tamburello Scoreboard

Technical Features

    Dimensions: 150 x 95 x 12 cm, Black Anodized Aluminum Frame Screen: Shock-protecting, Silk-screened Polycarbonate Team scores (99-99): Height 30cm, Red and Amber Games (99): Height 20cm, Red and Amber Serve indicators: 1 Spot 8cm, Red and Amber Advantage: 1 Spot 8cm, Red and Amber Deuce: 1 Spot 8cm, Red Time out: 2+2 Spots 8cm, Red and Amber Viewing angle: 150° Readability: 120 mt Power supply: 220V(110V) Communication: Wired (30mt cable included) or wireless 868 MHz Environment: Outdoor use, Optional Moisture-resistant Coating Remote Control Unit: Console ADV060

Technical Features

Console Multisport ADV060

Multisport control console, equipped with:

  • Multisport Membrane Keyboard
  • 2 LCD 20 x 2 characters, to display data on scoreboard
  • Backup battery for game data
  • Power supply 12V, with external power supply 220V(110v)/12V
  • Communication can be wired or wireless 868 MHz
  • Indoor use